Tickets for our August She•Think are available now.


She•Think is an intimate series of networking events designed for creative small business owners.

Each month, Annie and Emily McKenna (the owner of You're Maker in Thomasville, Georgia) partner with a woman-owned business to co-host an intimate gathering of female creatives in South Georgia. Based on the Lady Boss gatherings in Baltimore and Philadelphia, She•Think is a focus group for female entrepreneurs. Every attendee gets a few minutes to ask a question about business or boss life; during her time, she gets feedback and support from the whole group. Each gathering is followed by thirty minutes of casual mingling, designed for everyone to get to know each other even better. 

The gatherings are capped at 12, but if you don't snag a reservation this month, never fear! She•Think is a monthly event, so you can always reserve a spot next time!

Not sure She•Think is for you? Check out the FAQ below. 


Meet the She•Think co-hosts. 

Annie and Emily started She•Think to gather with fellow creatives and entrepreneurs for encouragement and guidance. Both relatively new to South Georgia and small business, they wanted a place to ask questions and receive honest, helpful feedback in a safe, intimate environment. After reading about the success of Lady Boss gatherings in larger cities, She•Think was born.

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FAQs about She•Think. 

What happens at a She•Think event? 

Annie and Emily will moderate an informal discussion where each attendee gets a few minutes to ask a question about business or boss life. During her time, all attention is on the boss with the question, so she gets feedback and support from the whole group. The last thirty minutes is casual mingling, allowing everyone to get to know each other even better.

Who is She•Think for?

If you own a creative business, She•Think is for you. All ambitious women business owners welcome! We’re geared toward creatives and makers — illustrators, chefs, stationers, shop owners, bloggers, bakers, nutritionists, letterpress artists, yogis, developers, photographers, interior designers, writers, wellness experts, florists, social media pros, and more. Business owners only, please!

Is it the same people every time?  

Nope! This isn't an exclusive networking group. Instead, She•Think consists of monthly, reservation-only events, designed to ensure each monthly gathering is a little different, made up of a diverse but intimate group of 10-12 makers. 

What do I need to bring? 

Please bring your prepared question, business cards, and a notebook (if you’re the note-taking type). Feel free to bring a sample of your product to pass around or share if your business is product-based.

What kind of question should I ask? 

Since you’re a boss, any question you have automatically relates to the life of being a boss. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • “Do you have an accountant you recommend?”
  • “I feel kind of guilty about working until 2a every day, but I love it…”
  • “Have you ever partnered up with other businesses for a cross-promotional campaign?”

Every gathering is a different mix of women, which will result in different answers. Think of She•Think as a focus group or think tank, designed to help your business run even better.